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Scott Strong is a data science and machine learning expert who helps startups and tech companies build data products, hire data teams, and develop data strategy.

As a consultant, Scott brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked in many different industries from aerospace to finance, cloud infrastructure, ecommerce, fraud detection and more. Through this work he has learned to quickly absorb knowledge from domain experts and identify opportunities to infuse data driven solutions that leverage the strengths of both human and machine while maintaining focus on business outcomes.

Through his many years of experience, Scott has learned how to craft successful data initiatives, from individual projects, all the way to long-term data strategy (and how to hire the team to get it done).

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Who I’ve Worked With


A scheduling automation platform built for the Time Economy.

Chord Commerce

Cutting-edge API-first commerce technology built for the next generation of DTC brands.

Salus Fintech

A microlending platform for the next generation of borrowers using AI-powered underwriting.


A cloud communications platform specializing in contact center and virtual number solutions.

Appraisal Bureau

A data and analytics-driven firm innovating Fine Art and NFT appraisal services.

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I'm The Data Hackr...

I find data and do cool things with it, then I come here and write about it. It's pretty simple! Most of the time. Along the way I try to provide some insightful information, helpful hints, and chronicle my journey as a freelance data scientist. If you're new around these parts, here's the long version of my story.